Agribusiness Certificate Schools

Are you interested to learn about farming and the business aspects in agriculture? Then consider training from certificate programs in agricultural business.

Simply put, agricultural business, also referred to as agribusiness, is the business of farming or agricultural production and includes a variety of activities and disciplines – from farming, management, production and marketing of agricultural products, to resource management, conservation, ranching and sales. Agribusiness has evolved into a complex industry in order to respond to hi-tech farming needs and issues. Some examples of agribusinesses are John Deere, farm machinery producer; DuPont and Monsanto, seed and agrichemical producers; and, Purina farms, an agritourism farm.

Different educational options are available for students who are interested in agribusiness, including certificate programs, associate’s and bachelor’s degrees related to agriculture. A number of schools allow credit from certificate program courses to be applied toward an associate degree which is helpful for those who wish to obtain further education. However, a student who successfully completes a certificate program may be eligible for entry-level agribusiness jobs such as farm administrative assistant, livestock support and sales specialist.

Find Certificate Programs

  • The North Carolina State University offers the University Associate Certificate in Agribusiness Management which is available to any student enrolled as a non-degree student (NDS) at North Carolina State University. This certificate program provides participants with the opportunity to learn applied business and economic principles that are useful in a career in agriculture and other related industries. Applicants must provide a high school diploma or a GED that have been received at least 12 months prior to applying to the program.
  • Wayne Community College offers the Agribusiness Technology Certificate program designed to prepare participants for a career in Agricultural Business. Students who successfully complete the program will be prepared to assume such roles as salespersons, supervisors, managers, or marketing specialists in an agriculture business. Courses include Ag-O-metrics, Agricultural Accounting, Ag Law and Finance, Agricultural Economics, Farm Business Management and Agricultural Marketing.
  • The Agricultural Certificate program available at the Ohio Christian University prepares individuals for careers in the agricultural business segment of the agricultural industry. This certificate program is ideal for individuals who wish to obtain further education in a particular field, who have already earned a degree, or who want to add the certificate option to a planned degree program. Successful completion of the certificate will mean students are able to apply business and management functions and skills in practical agribusiness situations and apply fundamental principles of agricultural production. Required courses include Introduction to the Animal and Poultry Industries, Field Crop Production, Agribusiness Sales and Farm Management.
  • Vincennes University in Indiana offers the Agribusiness Certificate program which aims to expose students to agribusiness concepts and skills to meet the issues facing the agricultural community. Agribusiness basics will be enhanced with new concepts and technology with courses such as Agribusiness Industries, Agricultural Sales, Nutrient Management, Introduction to Precision Ag, and Agribusiness Operation.
  • Harford Community College’s Business Management Agribusiness Certificate is designed to provide students with the knowledge, skills and competencies and prepare them for the challenges in the field of agribusiness. Those who complete the certificate program in Agribusiness can combine their earned credits to complete an Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree.