Bartending Certification Schools

Bartending Certification schools have proliferated in the country. It is easier to find employment as a bartender once you obtain a license.

Bartending is a skill that can be pursued as a profession and become an art. Most states require an alcohol server certification or bartending license before allowing an individual to sell or serve alcohol in the state. The Professional Bartending Schools of America offers courses in food safety and alcohol certification along with professional bartender training. At present, the PBSA has 36 schools that have been given licenses by their respective state governments. In fact, the company has trained more than 10,000 bartenders through its bartending certification school last year.

Bartender Programs

There are numerous schools and programs that offer courses for aspiring bartenders such as the following:

  • Flairco Bartending Arts and Sciences Training Program which conducts bartending courses for established working professionals. Courses are taught by Hospitality Motivator and Mad Mixologist Dean Serneels.
  • Beverage Alcohol Resource is another bartending certification program. The BAR holds five-day intensive training courses twice a year in New York City with one of its founding bartenders leading the way. You can check out the Cocktail Calendar of Events for scheduled sessions.
  • Bar Smarts developed two training courses for determined bartenders. These courses have the same curriculum with intensive study of the history and techniques of spirits and mixing drinks. Each course takes four weeks long. The Advanced Live program has live seminar and testing. On the other hand, the wired online training has a virtual bartender test.
  • New York Bartending School offers certificate programs consisting of advanced and intermediate courses. These provide flexible schedules for all interested bartenders in the hospitality industry and free trial seminar for those who are interested but are not totally decided to make bartending a career.
  • The New Jersey bartending school (Mix Em Up) provides 40-hour training courses that include tips and techniques in becoming pro bartenders.
  • Professional Bartending Schools of America has different locations throughout the country which also offer 40-hour bartending certification courses in professional mixing of drinks.
  • National Bartenders School provides 40-hour training modules for hopeful bartenders.
  • New England Bartending Schools have two-day training seminars in Boston, Andover and Worcester, Massachusetts plus a two-day seminar in Burlington, Vermont.  Students are taught primary bartending skills and allowed unlimited practice time with free trial classes.
  • American Professional Bartending Schools of Illinois are actually five bartending certification schools in Illinois that offer full bartending curriculum. There are locations in New York City, New Jersey and California. San Francisco School of Bartending offers a 35-hour training course for future bartenders in San Francisco with free introductory class.
  • ABC Bartending School has 40-hour courses and noted for training bartenders during the last 30 years.
  • Fine Art Bartending has designed an eight-day bartending training program in different locations throughout Canada as well as four-hour classes in flair bartending basic skills.
  • Pacific Bartending School is a certification school that created a ten class course in Torrance, California which is taught by expert bartenders. Free introductory classes and job assistance are available for successful students.