Electricity Management Certificate Schools

Do you have an interest in the conservation of energy and reduction of fossil fuel consumption?

Individuals who are concerned about the environment and the impact that energy usage will have on future generations might want to consider acquiring education in electricity management. In this highly technical field, you can learn to install and monitor electrical systems and work towards energy conservation and reduction of fossil fuel consumption at the same time. The Energy Resource Management Certificate is the most closely related program to this field.

The rapidly growing field of energy conservation and renewal can be attributed to the increasing number of businesses and corporations that want to maintain and ensure that their operations will have minimal impact on the environment. At the same time, companies benefit from reduced expenses on their energy consumption.

Most energy resource management certificate programs are post baccalaureate programs that build upon knowledge previously gained from construction management, engineering and building design technology.

Several organizations offer voluntary certification for those working in the field of electrical energy conservation, such as the Northwest Energy Education Institute that awards the Energy Management Certification and the Association of Energy Engineers which awards the title of Certified Energy Manager.

Obtaining Electricity Management Certification

  • The Northwest Water & Energy Education Institute offers the Energy Management Certification, an advanced certification program that requires students to implement an energy-saving project and measure the results. Going beyond the fundamentals, this energy management training program teaches a broad spectrum of energy management principles and techniques. Each of the topics is covered by a discipline expert. Topics include building energy use, glazing, insulation, building envelope, heating/cooling, secondary HVAC, controls, central plant equipment, energy auditing, operation and maintenance.
  • The Certificate Program in Energy Resource Management offered by University of California, Davis Extension is a fully online certificate program designed for business and government leaders and address the entire range of issues involved in understanding and managing energy in any industry. The program is composed of six courses which will provide the information that adult students will require in order to become a distinguished expert in the field of energy resource management. This program is endorsed by the Association of Energy Engineers.
  • The San Diego State University College of Extended Studies offers an online professional certificate program in Green Energy Management. In order to achieve the certificate, individuals must complete the following courses: Introduction to Renewable Energy; Converting to Renewable Energy; Energy Efficiency, Evaluation and Design; Energy Auditing: The Metrics of Green Building; and, Environmental Economics and Policy Making.
  • The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin offers an undergraduate Energy Management Program through its Energy Management and Innovation Center or EMIC. This program incorporates required coursework in business, geosciences, law and petroleum engineering, as well as elective courses relevant to the student’s major. The energy management program is 18 credit hours for all undergraduate students.