Online Accounting Certificate Schools

Accounting certification enhances the career of public accountants. Find out state requirements if you want to enroll either in distance learning or traditional campus programs.

It is important to earn an accounting degree plus the necessary experience prior to obtaining a certificate. Likewise, get in touch with your state’s License and Certification Bureau for all requirements and possible restrictions for accounting certification. You can ask for application forms or download these from the state government website. There are guidelines on eligibility and limitations that can be secured from the same office. Make sure to provide relevant documentation for qualification form the license office.

There are accredited online schools that offer these programs:

  • Strayer University has an Executive Graduate Certificate in Accounting and Taxation which was conceived to accommodate middle and senior level managers as well as professionals looking forward to changes in careers or increased job opportunities. It also has an undergraduate Certificate in Accounting curriculum and Advanced Accounting program. The amalgamation of academic knowledge and practical skills contained in the online certificate program are meant to enhance the competency of students.
  • You can get a certificate in CPA Preparation or Graduate Certificate in Accounting from the Keller Graduate School of Management.
  • At the Herzing University, there is a unique program called the Specialized Diploma in Bookkeeping and Payroll Accounting. It prepares students for bookkeeping and payroll accounting as well as entry-level general accounts positions.
  • Ashworth College is one of the top online colleges with courses in tax preparations to teach students techniques in preparation of income and business tax returns.
  • Keiser University has an accounting certification program for students who are presently working in accounting departments or preparing for the CPA examinations.
  • Penn Foster Career School introduced an Accounting Essentials certificate that offers fundamental training in the financial sector. It also has a Bookkeeping Career diploma for working students who want to study in a home setting.

Online Colleges Accounting Certification

The best online colleges require students to take accounting courses through the distance learning approach in Introduction to Financial Accounting (analysis of transactions, concepts in accrual accounting, inventory valuation, and present value concepts and liabilities); Introduction to Managerial Accounting (capital budgeting, cost behavior, improvement of productivity, transfer pricing, and tactical decision-making); and, Principles of Business Law which is an integral component of good online accounting degrees. The last subject educates potential CPAs to identify legal concerns and issues. It also provides a synopsis of essential legal concepts like employment and contract law as well as intellectual property rights.

Graduates of accounting certification courses can be employed as accountants, financial and budget analysts, loan officers, and tax examiners. The U.S. Department of Labor (Bureau of Labor Statistics) revealed that an ordinary accountant can earn an average of $67,430 annually. The employment prospects for graduates of accounting certification can look forward to an increase in jobs by at least 22 percent within the next decade. This is definitely higher than the job growth ratio in other sectors.