Online Schools for Teacher Certification

The online program is the best way to finish a teaching career if you already earned the bachelor’s degree.

Aspiring mentors will need to secure a teacher certification or license as prerequisite for teaching in public schools. Each state has specific rules for individuals who want to become public school educators. The certificate is mandatory but the rules for getting this credential are different for each state. For some states, the bachelor’s degree is the shortest route because these four-year degrees include practice teaching experience. You end up getting a teacher certification.

In other states, students need a post baccalaureate certificate. This means that people enter a teacher preparation program after completing a bachelor’s degree. You can get the post baccalaureate certificate in one to two years. In short, this means five to six years of preparation.

Some public school teachers should have a master’s degree. Master’s programs in teaching take two years to complete if students enroll on a full-time basis. Programs normally call for education research, thesis together with teacher training for the teacher certification school. Privately-owned colleges have prescribed a variation in rules for mentor training.

Online Teacher Certification Programs

Online certificate programs are offered by traditional colleges and online facilities. Students go through online classes for teaching methodologies and take part in practice teaching drills. The certificate is given as a form of stand-alone program or the whole degree. It is necessary to take into account the following if you want a teaching profession:

  • Educational background – It can be a bachelor’s degree or combination of teacher certification and bachelor’s degree.
  • Subject or particular discipline – Elementary level teachers are usually asked to handle multiple subjects while high school instructors can pick out one or several subjects.
  • State requirements – Make sure to check out the prerequisites of the concerned state.
  • Program accreditation – The program you opt for should have due recognition from the state government. The teacher accreditation school is given accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education and Teacher Education Accreditation Council.

Common subjects for certification programs online include the following:

  • Instruction Methods
  • Child Development Techniques
  • Evaluation Procedures
  • Education Theory
  • Principles of Literacy
  • Technology and Education
  • Diversity in the Classroom

Online Schools

Among the recommended online colleges and universities is Western Governor’s University which has been given accreditation by the NCATE. It has online teacher licensure programs that can eventually lead to degrees in early childhood education, mathematics, special education field, science, physics, biology, chemistry and geology. The Stratford Career Institute provides an early childhood or teacher’s aide program that allows students to receive an associate’s degree in less than two years for students who hope to be employed as teachers without having to spend four to six years in the campus. Another top online university is the University of Phoenix which offers a distance learning syllabus that allows students to acquire bachelor and master’s degrees in general education, adult training and continuing education instruction.