Property Management Certificate Schools

Are you a property manager looking for professional enrichment? You might want to consider obtaining professional certification.

Property managers are responsible for the various aspects of residential and commercial real estate, making sure the property they manage is in good condition, operates smoothly and maintains its resale value. Certificate programs in property management are designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to manage and maintain residential and commercial properties.

There are various certifications that you can aspire to achieve as a property manager, such as the Certified Professional Property Specialist (CPPS), the Certified Professional Property Administrator (CPPA), or the Certified Professional Property Manager (CPPM) from the National Property Management Association or NPMA.

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) also awards the following professional certifications: Certified Property Manager (CPM), Accredited Residential Manager (ARM), Accredited Commercial Manager (ACM), and Accredited Management Organization (AMO).

Certificate Programs for Property Managers

It’s important to remember that these certificate programs are usually offered to provide students with opportunities for professional enrichment, and do not typically qualify them for entry-level jobs in property management.

  • The Property Management online certificate program offered by Penn Foster Career School helps students to acquire knowledge and skills necessary for their chosen occupation, such as real estate law, risk management, and tenant relations. Students can expect books, study guides, and learning aids; expert instructional support; access to student services by phone, message board and email; and, additional resources like the online library and career guidance by Career Cruising. In addition, students can communicate with students and faculty, find study partners, and join tutoring sessions on the community. Penn Foster Career School is nationally and regionally accredited. It is licensed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools.
  • Allied Schools offers a Property Management course that can be completed fully online. This program prepares students to manage different kinds of real estate and the many responsibilities it entails, such as collecting rent, arranging repairs, coordinating services, performing accounting tasks, and negotiating with prospective tenants. Subjects will include economics; finance; property analysis; marketing; leases; apartment management; hotels and motels; commercial property; legal issues; and more.
  • Property Management Certificate classes are offered by the New York Real Estate Institute. The 22.5-hour program is designed for individuals who have an interest in acquiring further knowledge and technical understanding in the business of real estate management.
  • Drexel University’s Goodwin College School of Technology and Professional Studies offers three certificate programs in property management, namely, the Certificate in Fundamentals of Property Management; the Certificate in Commercial Property Management; and, the Certificate in Residential Property Management.
  • The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) offers an advanced professional development program to help students maximize their potential and the value of the real estate properties under their management. These courses can help students achieve an IREM credential. In addition, students can choose the learning option that works best for them, whether it’s a self-paced online or traditional classroom setting they prefer.